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Case Study: Vicky Garcia Fitness

personal trainer logo header smyrna vicky garcia

Initial Discussion

Vicky and I discussed her requirements via Instagram and email and agreed that her online branding wasn’t necessarily the strongest. She was attracting followers, but wanted to convert more into clients.

Vicky has several revenue streams such as personal training & nutrition coaching online.

Vicky has a number of certifications displaying her expertise in her field. Unfortunately her online profile failed to show the professionalism and dedication that she has shown in her field.

She is a personal trainer, life coach, nutrition counsellor and group fitness instructor.

Why a Personal Trainer Logo?

Fitness models, Personal Trainers and life coaches live a very visual life. Their success is based on their appearance as much as it is their knowledge. Vicky was posting regularly on Social Media platforms, mostly Instagram, but her images were unbranded.

Vicky not having a Personal Trainer logo meant that when her images were shared the work she had put in to creating the images was lost.

Without her personal trainer logo attached to the photograph, there was nothing to lead the viewer to her Instagram profile or website. This meant missed opportunities on marketing to potential clients.

Vicky was keen to improve her brand identity, and become a much more dominant personality in her field, and specifically with her online fitness programs.

The Personal Trainer Logo

Personal Trainer Logo Case Study Vicky Garcia Smyrna

This means that the brand identity can continue to be consistent, but also be condensed so that it does not overwhelm the focal point of her Instagram images.

Personal Trainer Website Design

Vicky had a website, but she wasn’t happy with it. She wanted to be able to sell more of her online training & nutrition courses. I looked at her website and made some recommendations.

The website contained no call to action anywhere. I suggested the website be overhauled both visually, but also practically.

I added a call to action on each slide on the carousel.

I added a pricing table on every page, with a “buy now” button.

A video page was adding, utilising some of her YouTube videos as a free lead magnet, and between each video another call to action, prompting the viewer to contact Vicky.

Take a look at the short video of the main page below, or visit

Business Cards

Personal Trainer Business Card Design Smyrna

Additionally, Vicky was opening her own gym and wanted a business card design completing. I used a stock image of hers, amended some of the background in Photoshop to remove a couple of elements, added in some text and icons, and designed her a bespoke business card that really stands out compared to the dull, default business card template designs of her competitors.

Contact Vicky

Vicky can be contacted via her website or on Instagram @Vickygarciafitness

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