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Unfollow in bulk on Twitter in Firefox (2017)

How to unfollow in bulk on Twitter in Firefox

If you want to unfollow in bulk on Twitter in Firefox but don’t want to sit at your computer or on your phone clicking “Unfollow” over and over, there’s a really simple way to achieve it.

I recently pivoted my target audience so the people I had followed on Twitter were no longer relevant to my target market. I wanted to unfollow them all and start a fresh, but I didn’t want to do it manually.

One thing to remember before you follow the steps below is that you are limited to the amount of accounts you can unfollow in one sitting.

This means that, depending on how many people you want to unfollow, you might have to carry out the steps on more than one occasion.

I left 24 hours between each batch.

The following steps are carried out in Mozilla Firefox, which is an Internet browser. You can download it for free here.

In order to unfollow in bulk on Twitter in Firefox simply follow these X steps:

This may slow your browser down. Just sit and wait. Have a sip of your coffee, and eventually you will either see a message from twitter saying you are ‘rate limited’ (meaning you need to take a break from unfollowing) or all of your followed accounts will appear unfollowed.

You may also get pop-up error messages telling you a page is slowing your browser down. Select the option to ‘Wait’.

Your browser may be unusable at this point. Please bear with it. Leave the window open, and go take a bathroom break, grab a snack, or whatever you like.

This means you will now follow less, or zero, accounts on Twitter, allowing you to follow fresh accounts.

This is helpful when you are in a situation similar to mine, where you have pivoted or changed your business focus.

When you change your target market the accounts you are following may no longer be relevant.

It is also useful because of the followers/following ratio of Twitter can cause you to hit a plateau in your followers. You can only follow a certain ratio of people based on how many followers you have. For example, you can’t follow 50,000 users if you only have 20 followers yourself.

You may want to be able to find ways around this in certain circumstances.

I wanted to increase my follower count on Twitter so that my message would reach more people.

I also pivoted my focus.

This piece of Javascript was absolutely invaluable to me for my business on Twitter.

Has this article helped you unfollow in bulk on Twitter in Firefox? Please feel free to drop me an email to let me know.

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