Welcome to ew. Here’s the concept:

  • We have one show every 2 weeks. The show is posted on a Monday.  Deadline for submissions is Sunday afternoon (GMT). I’ll post on the forums as deadline approaches just for a final heads up.
  • We have a PPV after every 4 shows. This PPV replaces the regular show. (i.e instead of the 5th show, there will be a PPV).
  • Shows will be posted the following day (Monday).
  • Feedback on every show is expected. There will be a template to fill in, which you’ll be able to do as you are reading the show(s). Feedback deadline is the same as the show deadline, but one week earlier. This means everyone has a week to read the feedback, apply it to their writing, and write their stuff for the next show.
  • Roleplays are not required, but show participation isYou & your angle partner must submit content to every show unless you’ve sorted out alternatives with Scott. How much content is up to you.
  • Absolutely every character, including NPC’s must be brand new, never before seen characters.

Show Guidelines

  • Matches are limited to 500 words maximum; this is 100 words intro/3 x 100 word paragraphs for the action/100 words outro.
  • Segments do not have a strict word count limit but I suppose an 8,000 word segment when matches are 500 words might be a bit much. We will see how it goes.
  • PPV matches are extended to 700 words maximum; this is 100 words intro/5 x 100 word paragraphs for the action/100 words outro.


ew, which stands for “Entertaining Wrestling” is a high-end, large scale wrestling promotion. They visit large arenas, and they sell them out.  There is an owner, Ryan Johnson, but there is no owner angle; he’s more like a Dana White type – he’ll hype matches in the press, he’ll do podcasts about upcoming shows or upcoming wrestlers, and he’ll attend press conferences, but he won’t necessarily get involved in any actual angles.

ew’s segments are filmed in the style of a drama. Though they predominantly take place inside the arena, they may also stray beyond.

As for the ringside area, it is all nice and clean, a fresh mat, advertising boards on all the barricades, which are LED backlit displays. There is a regular ring apron, white ropes, a canvas mat in the traditional pale blue, and white turnbuckles. The stage is a crisp light coloured steel, and there is a large Titantron above the entrance, as you would expect.

We use these pixel style pic bases:

Only one thing remains now… join! 🙂